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Altoids Survival Kit

Over this past weekend I put the final touches on my Altoids Survival Tin. There are a few reasons I wanted to put this kit together. One, I was just curious to see just exactly how much items I could actually fit into one of these tins. Surprisingly, one can fit a fair amount of gear in it. The other reason I wanted to put it together was for piece of mind — I commute an hour each way, each day, and I live in earthquake country so if I ever found myself in a situation and 30 miles away from home…this would be able to help get me home to my family. Additionally, this Altoids tin I will carry whenever I’m in the woods on my person, so if I ever find myself without my backpack and disoriented I will have access to some basic necessities until I can figure things out.

Contents of my tin

Contents of my tin

Altoids Survival Tin Contents:

1 box razor blade

1 Xacto razor blade

2 size #10 fish hooks

2 barrel swivels

2 size 2/0 fish hooks

2 size 2 fish hooks

1 magnify glass

5 rubber bands

6 split shot weights

20′ 15lb mono fishing line

1 pocket knife

6 200mb ibuprofen

1 first aid quick facts guide

1 SPF30 sunscreen

4 band-aids (various sizes)

1 packet insect repellant

2 antibiotic creams

2 alcohol cleansing pads

1 spool of green thread

1 compass

1 bic lighter

1 candle

1 tweezer

1 sewing needle

The last item I need/want to pick up is some Purified H2O Tablets from my REI store.

This tin is in my commuting backpack, along with 40′ of 550  paracord and a mini flashlight. This is relatively cheap insurance as I’m willing to bet this whole kit cost me under $10 as most of the items I had laying around the house and I just needed to assemble the gear.