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The End.

The Waxing Mind has served me well over the past years as I questioned and ranted without any clear direction. I knew something was churning inside of me yet I wasn’t able to find a way to clearly communicate what that was. I wrote, thought and wrote some more as I tried to find a way to pinpoint what exactly it was that was on my mind. When I reflect back on previous posts now the pattern emerges and it all just makes sense now.


With that said, my mind has a clear direction and it just seems like this blog just no longer made much sense to me. This will be my last post on this blog and if you’ve enjoyed the reading, please migrate over to my new blog, Intrepid Pioneer, and give it a follow.


Intrepid Pioneer is about navigating through the technological noise while reuniting with simpler and more honest way of life. This site is not about anti-technology, but its more about modern homesteading principals. Intrepid Pioneer is not about claiming to be an expert, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’m relentlessly searching out my own answers to try new things, to live a homesteading lifestyle in a city on 1/11th of an acre with which I rent. This site will be a source of experiences both the good and then bad while covering topics the relate to the mission of an Intrepid Pioneer:

Grow. Ferment. Fish. Forage. Hunt. Preserve.

Those are the foundations of this blog and sometimes there may be supportive stories that align well with one of those 6 foundations. You may find food recipes or an article on fitness but these common threads will relate to the holistic approach of the pioneer spirit.

Check out the Intrepid Pioneer