I am obsessed with sustainability.

More specifically though its about food (for the most part). I’m growing more and more concerned about how my food is grown & produced. This awakenment has been slowly happening in my thoughts since 2007. The Waxing Mind continues to grow, morph and shift as I find the wisdom for what is right for me. I too have vast concerns about the sustainability of this planet, with my footprint on it and what this will all mean for the children. With that said, I struggle just like so many other American’s to live in this technological world and have my ends meet and to make sure that there is food on the table at the end of the day. I want that food to be healthy and good for me. I am a diabetic (T1) which compounds and makes it even more important as to what gets put on my dinning table as used as fuel.

I preserve my summer harvest through canning. I fish and am learning to bow hunt. I brew my own beer to enjoy with these meals. I want to have a vegetable garden and a composting system. There are just so many ideas in my head and I work to find balance each day with how I choose to live my own sustainable life.

I believe that through sustainability we can achieve independence and with independence comes true freedom.
This is a renewed quest of personal development that I share openly as my mind waxes and wanes on the thoughts of my own impact.


  1. I don’t can my summer harvest, but I do bow hunt and brew beer. I keep chickens in my backyard. Good to come across a kindred spirit!

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