2013 Challenge

Ås a year winds down and we look towards the future one can find themselves in the resolution season. Now, I personally think resolutions are utter bullshit and we find ourselves forgetting what we originally wanted to resolve about ourselves usually by mid-februray. That said, I do believe it’s important for each individual at periodical times in their lives to reflect  on self and see if any course corrections should be warranted.

I’m marking the clean slate of a new year with an actionable check list that reflects 13 items I would like to accomplish in 2013. I don’t want to call them resolutions because by merely defining them as such I already feel set up to fail.

Some of the actions on the list are something I’ve been talking about doing for some time now, so the time has come to shit-or-get-off-the-pot as my grandmother-in-law used to say. Other items are new things I want to try and explore and to accomplish that some of the remaining items are mini-hurdles to keep me on track to reach the larger goals. Lastly, the 13th goal for 2013 is far reaching, it’s the so-called impossible task. It’s a private members-only restaurant in Seattle and it’s my goal to eat a meal there. Mostly because it’s the forbidden fruit, and therefore I want to eat there.

1) Get Physically Fit & lose 25 lbs
2) Take Map & Compass Navigation Course
3) Get CPR Certified
4) Hike 50+ Miles
5) Grow a Veggie Garden
6) Start Composting
7) Run a 5K
8) Take Bowhunter’s Education Course
9) Go Deer Huting
10) Prepare 3-day Home Disaster Kit
11) Write a Documentary Film Treatment (for a film that’s been in my head for years and I’ve never been quite able to put it down on paper)
12) Switch my banking to a Credit Union
13) Eat at The Ruins in Seattle

These are in no particular order, they are all to be accomplished by 12/31/13. Check back to this page and follow the progress, I will be updating completion dates and a photo of each item as they are crossed off.


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