The Mindful Carnivore Review

“Hunting brings us into close contact with land and animals. Approached with humility, such contact can help us recall our place in the natural world, reminding us to celebrate all those lives intertwined with ours. Approached with arrogance, it only alienates us further.”

The mere act of eating flesh can be a difficult choice for many. The decision is rife with emotions and rationalizations and any individual who puts any thought into their food chain and ultimately its source is forced to deal with the conflict. Author, Tovar Cerulli, shares his personal experience how he chose to tackle this dilemma head on in his newly released book The Mindful Carnivore. As a devout vegan for a decade he now finds himself stalking the woods in search of his own grass fed organic meat for his family’s dinner table.

Tovar’s tone through the entire book does not come across as preachy doctrine. To me it feels as though we are sitting by a campfire, maybe sharing in a whiskey having a  conversation about what it means to hunt and fish. He shares his personal journey with his trials and tribulations and how he reached such a decision to take up hunting while accepting the consequences associated with those decisions.

“If my existence was going to take a toll on other beings, I would rather exact that toll consciously, respectful, swiftly — and for the specific purpose of eating. I could make a deeper peace with intentional harm, with the kill I had prepared for and chosen.”

After finishing this book I was surprised as I thought it would help me to answer some of my own questions as I reflect on my omnivorous behavior. The reality is that hunting is complicated and his prose presents his own personal reflections which actually opens up further questions for myself. As I look toward the future and I take up bow hunting as what Tovar describes as ‘Adult Onset’ I wonder what my reaction will be in the field as I take the life of another living animal in the name of food. I’ve learned after reading The Mindful Carnivore that intention in the woods must be clear and to respect both the animal and your shot. Never falter on your skills and ability and be completely honest with yourself as to where your draw those lines.

For more information, please visit Tovar Cerulli’s blog:


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