Breath of Fresh Thinking

I’ve strayed from my writing. This activity has actually been a period further clarification and direction for this blog. In this long stretch, I’ve moved across country, expanded my family by one (the first), transitioned jobs and have recently worked to managed the news that I am a recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic. Through the culmination of these events and continued reading on my part I feel like i’ve got some clairvoyance on some of the repeated periodic posts about some vague notion of more mindful living.

It is with this new knowledge that I feel I have found a bearing for this blog. My revised new aim will be to focus my energy on living a sustainable mindful living in our rapid technology based world. As I explore my own how-to’s I will share through this publishing vehicle my thoughts, processes and rants accordingly. It may range of food recipes, brewing techniques, canning/perserving, fishing/hunting, gardening, or?

So this is where I’m at right now. Stay tuned.


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