It’s a blustery 60ºF rainy day, the sun is napping behind the clouds and the caffeine just isn’t fueling my brain enough. Music is aiding my neurons though the motions of the day-to-day, yet I am so not here today. I often try to think of ways to provide means and yet somehow excuse myself from the rat race. There are so many ideas that float around in my skull and many of these ideas I believe are attainable, but it requires me to go against the norm and some set of societal rules. I must be quite frank and state that it’s not some get rich quick scheme, in fact it’s more of the opposite actually. I’ve realized that the jobs with a minimum amount of responsibility also pay near the minimum as well. Therefore, if I can reduce my expenditures to be able to live within the confines of a low paying job, I will have no major work responsibilities and can then look forward to allocating all of my time to things I am passionate about outside of a job. Part time work will equal more free time to pursue a more mindful way of living. Now, I can imagine that this slacker mentality will ruffle a few feathers, but I want to further educate on this particular concept. In order to be successful, this will only work if I work harder to provide myself and my family the important basic things we need. Instead of buying them, I want to grow, make, recycle or produce it for myself. Purchase the minimum and cultivate the rest through the use of my own hands. I also understand that this is work as well, but this is rewarding work that I will use, not just something to push someone else’s agenda or to further the domination of some corporation. It’s creating a micro community that begins with my own family and then grows to include others who want to share. The dim reality of this ideological way of life is so far into the pending realm. In order for this conceptual way of life, there are so loose ends to be tied up before this venture could even begin. There are so many financial monkeys on my back, that this couldn’t even start anytime soon, and I’m doubtful that the hole I’ve dug it could even happen in the next decade and half. I’m at least going to work on the side as time progresses. That is just the unfortunate reality for me right now.


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