Journey to Health

Embarking on a transformative process can be difficult, luckily I’m able to navigate and find strength through this time with my partner in crime….my wife. It does happen to coincide with the season of resolutions. Yet, this isn’t really a resolution, if one must know mine is to give up fast food for good. Adios! Taco Bell. Anyway, my plan is to be diligent for the next three months to change my physical appearance. I’d like to see if I can even surprise myself. My hair is shaggy, my gut is….well shit….. I referred to it as a gut. Enough said. I’m going to see if I can tone up, maybe add some muscles and finally fill out. Over the course of the last two years, I’ve done probably one of the hardest things in my life and that was to kick cigarettes. This should be easy in comparison. My metabolism is not what it once was, and I feel like I’m eating healthier. Less pre-packaged crapola, way more fruits and veggies too. I hardly eat red meat much anymore. I guess now my food focus will shift towards portions and an increase in protein to hopefully satiate my body’s hunger with less food. I’ve got a workout plan designed by a cousin that I’m going to stick to, the iPod is loaded. I’m ready!


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