A Conceptual Market

There’s been an idea floating around in my head for the last week or so and I definitely want to try and put it out there. I believe it’s got some legs of its own, and I also think it’d be fun for those who participate as well as it would tie in the shift I see thats happening today. Right now, with so many of us, living miles apart and in different corners of the nation, I present this as a concept. It will probably require input from the community, which will allow for others to feel a sense of ownership and the ideas will help to flush my original concept. So with out further adieu….

A potluck style dinner or afternoon to celebrate all things homemade and/or recycled. With the primary emphasis on food (not recycled food though). The focus is not a ‘gift exchange’ but rather a marketplace to trade goods with an aim of pantry stocking and/or basic needs. I envision bringing back a concept of community with friends, a reduction in waste and a common goal of working towards a more green approach to life and our food. This potluck style meal, could happen only twice a year to start (fall & spring), and then grow to a quarterly event.

Here’s a list of items that could be exchanged: canned foods, homemade beer/wine/mead, fish, veggies & herbs from gardens, etc. I also think soaps and candles and other sundries along those lines. Lastly, we all have clothes that either don’t fit or we don’t wear anymore, so a clothing exchange could also happen during this event as well for those that want to participate in that. In some ways it would be like our own farmer’s market, but on a much more local scale and a way to share between friends. We wouldn’t set up tables or tents, so I haven’t really thought about how the market should work, but this is just to see if any friends are interested. We can also work out the details of distance later as well. As we all know that distance for some is closing in a few short months too.

We could rotate the potluck each time so everyone who chooses to participate can get an opportunity to host.

So of the names I’ve come up with have been: Pantry Raid, Pantry Harvest, Marketplace Madness or?????


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  1. I love it. This could grow into your website idea eventually. I can see it catching on very quickly. We’re in – I can even host the first one in April or May.

  2. Love, love, love the way you think babe!

  3. Wonderful idea. . . . .thinking on it! You have a great new year!

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