As many of you already know, I recently begun the art of Face Crack. It took me many moons to finally get over my initial issue with it. First things first was security, not that I do much stupid shit anymore, but still I know that employers will often attempt to look at that stuff prior to hiring people. They don’t need to know too much information about my personal life. Secondly, I’ve got a real issue with a bunch of their legal mumbo-jumbo, so I will never be posting any of my photography that I either intend to sell or use professionally. Based on their legal disclosures, by agreeing to their terms and conditions you are granting them complete FREE usage rights. You still get to retain copyright, but you allow Facebook and all their subsidiaries the right to use your images however they want. That’s not cool. Therefore I will only be posting snapshots. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I must say, I’m pretty stoked that I finally joined up. I see why so many people for so many years busted my chops to get on it. Thanks Everyone!


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