Just a need to Vent

It’s already a tough day around these here parts. The Man has once again stripped me of anything that remotely makes this joint enjoyable. They just rescinded my schedule from a 4x10hr work we, back to an 8-5p schedule. It has nothing to do with anything I did at all. I asked. It’s frustrating, especially when My immediate department within the internal agency is the only one not allowed to do this anymore. I am going to just continue to collect my paycheck, call out sick a bit more often (since I never do), but damn, how do they expect people to ever want to go above and beyond for them when they don’t give a fuck about you. I’m done. (sorry I just had to vent)

On the flip side I’ve been looking into the MFA Photo program at UW. It looks pretty sweet and it would allow me to change careers once again to a full-time high education instructor/professor. It’s a full time 2 year commitment, with what appears to be several TA spots to fill. Deadline is Feb. 1, so I believe we’ll be thinking about it seriously.


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