Warmth of the Fall

The weather in our area has made a turn for the fall. We haven’t quite got the amber, orange and golden hues that makes it all so beautiful yet. Muggy days are now behind us while the sun cavorts between the clouds teasing us. The grayness of a cloudy day and the sprinkling of raindrops pitter-pattering on our windows does bring me a sense of warmth as it so reminds me of where we heading. The fall out here in PA are so wonderful, it’s not like any fall I’ve ever really experienced out West. What I remember the most about the falls out West, is how the air changes, it’s nothing visual, and it’s hard to describe, but it’s so clean and crisp, yet not sweet, it’s just that fresh mountain air. The kind of air that smells like it just whisks down off the Cascades. In contrast, the falls out here are a much more visually beautiful. The deciduous trees turning the storybook fall colors before they all loose their leaves, the weather stays in the 60’s. Just warm enough for a fleece and jeans, yet I can still sport the flip-flops.


Additionally, I find myself in my current age range feeling more like I need to pack away like a squirrel. Knowing the impending winter season is just a few short months away. Then it’s cold and hibernation begins. Luckily, I’ve stockpiled a few meads for the winter that are aging quite nicely. There’s a few more to make as well like a pumpkin mead which will probably be best during next fall, but I’m sure it’ll be tasty enough for Hobo Thanksgiving this year. I didn’t get my act together for pickling season this year, I just missed the growing season, don’t know if I was too busy or what, I guess it’s the rookie preserver in me. Hopefully next year, Sus and I can study a bit with the Pickle Princess and soak up some of her knowledge. Maybe even over a glass of mead or three. 


Sometimes I digress, but on this particular morning, between the weather, my cup of coffee and my wife sleeping in, which she so desperately needs, I find myself feeling warm. All thats missing is a cozy fire, but since we don’t have fireplace in this apartment, I guess I won’t light one on the Karastan rug either.


May the fall be a reminder, of the warmth and coziness of family & friends, breath a little deeper because the air will remind you of your center and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.


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