30 Days

The director, Morgan Spurlock, of such great films as Super Size Me, Where is Osama Bin Laden, and a wonderful TV series 30 Days has influenced Sus and I. If you’ve never watched the TV show, I suggest you either add it to your Netflix queue or try and find episodes online. The basic premise is that either he puts himself or others into situations that are the opposite of their beliefs in an attempt to open up their eyes, or for some deeper cultural empathy and understanding. For example, an active hunter from NC moves to Los Angeles to live with a family of vegan PETA activists. It’s done very well, tastefully, respectfully, and they are entertaining to watch.

The point of this entry today is to announce that Sus and I, in an effort to prove not only to ourselves, but to also honor the concept of 30 Days is to give up our booze. Many people probably think I drink to much. Whatever. I am able to control my intake, I choose when I have a drink and when I don’t . I’m not quitting for good, I gave up cigarettes and I go to a gym now. Things that I never thought I’d ever do. I love fermenting and drinking beers, I make delicious meads and beers, and I don’t see myself stopping that hobby anytime soon. Therefore the point of this little exercise is for a few reasons, to prove that I control my drinking to others and to really see if it makes a difference in my physique. We will be stepping up our exercise routine as well, so it’s not just one variable that will be changing. The plan is to do a weigh-in every Tuesday morning, we will go to the gym (3x/wk) for a full 1.5-2hr workout as normal including weightlifting, and on the non-gym days we will run a mile and perform 15 min. exercises at home focusing one day on each of the following: arms/chest, legs, abs. The only day we will take off from any exercise will be Fridays. Yesterday, we captured our starting point on camera, there is a good possibility that we will share the before & after photos at the end of the 30 Days.

Sus and I eat well, not only well balanced, but extremely healthy, we cook every night, we pack our lunches, the whole nine. We’ve looked into diets this or diets that, but we don’t need to spend the money on that crap. I’m no nutritionist, and I understand that, but I also know that if weight loss is a goal then one needs to be in a calorie deficit. It’s all just a numbers game. Exert more calories in exercise versus the calories you ingest, that way you burn more than you consume. To track our calorie intake we use a website call Fat Secret to track food and exercise. My goal is to loose about 15 to 20 lbs. That will put my BMI in the middle of where it should be. Now all that being said, I may end up packing on muscle so I may not actually loose weight per what the scale says, but I may have bulked up a bit. Only 30 Days will tell.

This begins today!


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