Guerilla Drive-In


The MacGuffin

The MacGuffin

I’m a geek, a nerd of sorts. Recently a underground Guerilla Drive-In was brought to my attention that happens in my town. I’ve lived here for a year and it took a friend out West to enlighten me. The concept is an outdoor drive-in established for a night randomly located around town that shows 16mm movies out of a 1977 BMW motorcycle side car. Usually the location ties in some aspect of the movie that is being shown. This is the third year that this drive-in has been going on. I’m fascinated by this whole thing, hence my nerdom.

Now, to make it even more interesting the man responsible for this guerilla drive-in has made a pelican case that transmits an AM signal with a secret code. One needs to locate the case which is secretly hidden somewhere in our county. He gives clues as to it’s location and it just take a bit of time and deciphering to locate the MacGuffin (pelican case). Needless to say, I FOUND IT!!! Now, on the Guerilla Drive-In website are the dates for the next showing but one needs to find the MacGuffin, and email the guy a photo of yourself with it and the secret code. You’ll then be on an email list that will tell you the secret location. The next movie is 8/22. Location Unknown.

If you wanna learn more about this ultimately geeky scavenger hunt and cool sub-culture drive-in, check out: Guerilla Drive-In. My popcorn is waiting and the lawn chairs are by the door. I do make the best popcorn on the stove too if I say so myself. My mother taught me how and it ROCKS!!!!


Maybe we’ll see you at the flicks!


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