Four Years

Four years is one term for a president, then he gets reviewed and depending on his performance maybe he’ll get another four years. It takes four years to move through the rankings of high school. It takes another 4 years to finish university with your undergrad. I’ve also never kept a job for more than 4 years. I started brewing and taking it seriously four years ago. My introductory year of 30 was coming to an end four years ago. Yet, my life was up to that point was a series of experiences and yet I still was so much an infant in my own mind.

It was four years ago, that I married my bride. The fateful day of “I Do’s” and taking stock of the definition of “Forever.” Both of those words not only do I remember, but I cherish. Not to be getting to cheesy here, I just very much count my blessings everyday. Navigating life side-by-side while laughing is so wonderful. A lot has happened, it’s not always been perfect, there’s been challenges that have been tough and pretty heavy. Yet we’ve made it through and found strength in so doing.

On 12:34:56 7/8/9 I was celebrating my four-year old marriage. I’ve come to the realization that four years is not enough time to be judged by. I believe that we’ve just begun to hit our stride as a married couple, the best is even yet to come!


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