Beer vs Wine

Over this past weekend, Sus and I went to a beer pairing event at one of the grocery stores we shop at. This was a kick off event because this gourmet grocery, Wegman’s, has battled PA and won the right to sell 6 packs of beer to go. They invited in 6 local breweries and had chef’s pairing food with each individual style of beers that were offered. It was a great event and we had a good time. The beer selection there was fantastic, not huge by any means, but I can tell it was carefully thought out. The craft beer was on prominent display, while that yellow fizz that passes as so called beer was stuck in a corner for once.

After we traversed through the various six stations, we ended up in the craft beer section. As I took my time examining all of Wegman’s offerings. I was looking at a few of the Belgian selections when I overheard a woman say, “Wow! for $11, I’d buy a bottle of wine!”

I thought to myself a bit about this, kept my mouth shut, and now I need to retort. First off an $11 bottle of wine, won’t be bad, but it definitely won’t be the best. I must also admit that this bottle of belgian beer was also a 750ml bottle, so as far as pure volume is concerned we are comparing the same amount. Secondly, I’m a wine drinker, and enjoy wine, but over the course of the last three years or so, I’ve been exploring beers more and more. What I’ve found out, is that with beer, there are so many more styles and variations within each style, that may not necessarily exist in wines. Yellow fizz has cheapened the idea of beer so much, that by default wine is considered a better choice. So I guess basically what I’m saying is that although a greatly crafted wine is excellent. What makes wine more expensive? I guess this woman would just prefer to buy a mediocre bottle of wine vs. an excellent craft beer because she’s …. well……you fill in the blank to this ending.


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