Phish On!

Last Sunday evening I photographed the Phish reunion tour in Camden, NJ. It was a great show, with great light. They opened the show with Chalkdust Torture, next was Fee and then onto Wolfman’s Brother. When one photographs a concert the rules typically are the same, you are only allowed to photograph the first 3 songs, no flash. I’m escorted into the pit area, between the stage and the front row, where all the bouncers are. When I photographed the Grateful Dead last month we were alloted the first 15 minutes, due to their long improvisational jams. I was expecting the same thing with Phish but they actually let us shoot the first 3 songs, which was cool, gave us a bit more time to make some great images.

If you’d like to see some highlights of the show, click on the Sportsshooter link in the blogroll on the right, and enjoy!yu


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