Corporate Clicks

I’ve learned a few things about corporate America over the past almost three years, that maybe are insightful, maybe not. The biggest thing is that if corporate America was a TV show, it would be a merger between The Office and Real Housewives of the OC. Seriously. The drama and middle school clicks of professionals is mind blowing. I believe the only thing missing is that I don’t get my lunch money stolen and we don’t get a recess. While I draw from TV pop culture, I also realize that there are also perceived parallels with Hollywood, various roles and those who do those roles get typecasted. Those who know me, may think that’s because of my personality. Although this extends well beyond just myself. A company this large chooses to not really promote and move people around from within, instead they hire/fire contractors to fit the needs. So really, this company and all 250,000 of their employees are stuck. Before I get chastised for making such sweeping accusations, there are a few small handful of folks that work their way up, but they always stay in the same department. They just go up the management chain, yet they type of work they do doesn’t really change. They just get paid to deal with the previous stated drama.

This is not a caustic attitude I have, or some depression. Really! it’s how it works. Ask around to other people you know who’ve worked for really large corporations, or just watch the telly. I think The Office is more of a reality show than anything else, just written under the guise of fiction. What really blows my mind though, are the super dedicated people to ‘THE’ company. That said, ‘THE’ company doesn’t really give a warm steaming dog squeeze pile about you. You are replaceable, so let me cut your benefits, and so on. I don’t need to travel down that path, I’m starting to sound like I should belong on Survivor, the paranoia has set in.

Now, If only I could find my red Swingline…


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  1. Katerina Rabago

    I fully agree that the drama and the clicks in corporate America rule and frequently wonder how these gigantic companies survive with this amazing level of disfunction? Oh wait, they don’t always survive. Sometimes they fail… Even after being in business for over a hundred years.
    At the end of the day, we make our choices and they must be right for us. The Company cares about doing business, big or small. The only acceptable loyalty is to get the most from “the company” while fitting in which does not necessarily mean doing a great job.

  2. Well said. My mom told me once “Don’t waste time being loyal to a company – they will never reciprocate.” I am loyal to my family instead, and when I get what I want out of this company, I’m out of here. I’m counting down my time, I’ve got 2.5 more years, and once Isaac starts kindergarten, I’m onto my next adventure as a full time mommy.

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