Madien Voyage at Marsh Creek State Park

Madien Voyage at Marsh Creek State Park

“Life is our teacher. Life communicates with us all the time and it is a lesson to see how life continuously has led me to the people I need to met, to the situations I need to experience, and to the places I need to be. There has never been any real reason to worry since all small individual rivers are already on their way to the ocean, to the Whole. It is not about swimming, it is about relaxing and to float with the river in a basic trust that life already leads towards the sea of consciousness, towards the Whole.” — Swami Dhyan Giten

Over the course of the last 3 years or so, Sus has frequently mentioned at random times, I might add, hey let’s kayak together! Like I said, it’s almost always at random times, as if she was trying to slip it into the conversation in some way. We could have been discussing the best method for cleaning lint out of a belly button, or lovingly disagreeing about some directions in a foreign country and then out of the blue comes, “I’d love to kayak with you.”

As you can see that dream of hers has come to fruition. I’ve been really thinking about something that would be a special grad gift for her, these last 2.5 years have been so stressful, to say the least, plus she worked 7 days a week for almost 18 of those months, pulled a 4.0, battled a melanoma, suffered through physical therapy for a finger, all the while forging new territory at the university. I think she’s earned it. Most importantly it will be a great opportunity for the two of us to enjoy time together again, now that all this school melee comes to an end. We both are so excited!!! We took ‘Lucy’ and ‘Tahoe’ out on their maiden voyage this past Sunday after picking them up on Saturday. We had a ball, they are 10′ long recreational ‘yaks. We are both so looking forward to spending more time in the outdoors together and our heads are filled with so many excursions. Of course we both need to get 100% comfortable with paddling and the boats themselves. All in good time.

Over the course of the last year or so at random times I’d check out packages from REI or EMS (an East coast REI type store), I’d check on CL’s or with local lakes that sold off their boats in the fall. Just to see what’s out there, what they cost, what’s good, what’s not, etc. On my commute home though, I always passed a local paddlesport store, yet they always closed at 5pm. This past Friday, I stopped in to check it out since we got an early dismissal at work. I talked with the folks there and they were having a huge sale on their ’09 models. Plus, it was in DE so no sales tax. Needles to say, this isn’t something I could surprise Sus with. Therefore on Sat. morning we cruised down and checked things out a bit more, let her ask a few questions, find a boat that fit her, etc. Low and behold the price we got from them was the least expensive over anything in decent used shape, let alone new elsewhere, so we went for it!!

We will be paddling around lakes this summer and down a local creek. Who knows maybe I’ll get her to fish out of one as well. In the meantime, we won’t be available on Sundays for phone calls. If the suns out, so our we, so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.


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