General Update

We find ourselves at a point that our lives feel built on a foundation of jell-o, only for the time being at least. Here’s an update of all that’s been going on lately:

Sus has a little under 2 months to go until graduation, she is working 20 hrs on Campus as part job and part internship (she’s double dipping), she also works another 20 hours at a local middle school as an intern, she is taking 4 graduate level classes, and has (at my last count) 8 standardized tests to take in the next 8 weeks or so. The state has been trying to extort more money and bull from her, saying that because her undergrad transcripts do NOT specifically state English 101, she is going to have to either take freshmen english or test out (more $$$), even though she taught high school english, is the assistant director at the writing center currently or that she already graduated with her BA, there’s some other funky bull going on too, but I don’t want to bore you with it and the more we think about it the crazier we get. Then to top it all off, the resume prep, job hunts, etc. It’s nuts around our house these days.
My work is slow and we’ve already had a few rounds of layoffs and there isn’t much work here. So I don’t really know what’s going on. I’m teaching at night one time a week for some extra dough and because I really enjoy it. Double bonus. I am going to be transitioning to 4/10’s at work, so I’ll soon be working Mon./Tue/Thur/Fri. 7a-6p in an effort to save some gas, avoid traffic and get prince parking in our lot. Wednesday will be days to help Sus out if necessary, fish, make beer, and whatever else.
We still don’t know where we’ll be in 6 months, somethings gotta shake, but right now we are so focused on just the next two months we don’t really have any answers. Sus car is just barely hanging on, so we may sell it and move away or buy another car and stay put for a year. Then we found out our landlord has put our house on the market, which we’ll be surprised if it sells, but now we have to add the stress of moving the dog whenever the place gets shown. Pain in the royal ass. Then all the questions of if it does sell will the new landlords honor our lease? up our rent? kick us out?
Then there’s the health issues, trying to bring cholesterol down, eating better, working out and it compounds things as well.

So here’s where we sit, pretty much taking it one day at a time, not looking to far down the road, but also trying to sock some dough away for what could be an inevitable rainy day.


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  1. Did you say rain? It’s raining here right now. I’m not giving up on the idea of having you back here for good.

  2. Dman, son. I just got around to reading this. Your Landlord has to honor your lease so don’t worry about that. If the building is sold, your lease likely won’t be renewed, but the new dude will have to wait it out. He can’t evict you without cause.

    I would LOVE to work 4/10s and have Friday’s off, but I hear you on the layoffs. I just found out our company can operate for at least one more year. It’s tough all over. Hang in there, get Sus out of school and then get the hell out of there.I dunno, I might see you in Denver or Austin in a year or two.



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