A Simple Idea & an Inspiring Message

Ideas and inspiration come and go. My inspiration lately has been ho-hum to say the least with a multitude of stale ideas, figuring that the epiphany will hit sooner or later. Which I do believe, but in the process of over thinking I brush to many potentials aside while I wait for the big idea. In all of this self created mess I may have overlooked an angle, or I really am in a ‘shooters’ slump. People go in slumps all the time over all sorts of things, so it’s possible and more than likely probable. I’m not attempting to dwell and harp on it, but in order to move along I must at-least acknowledge it.

My 8th grade block teacher, I unfortunately don’t remember her name, used to take the class on what she liked to call was Bird Walks. I think it was a technique she used whenever she determined that the class was sluggish or overwhelmed. We’d get up and go take a walk around campus, to get the blood flowing again, get some fresh air, etc. Maybe that’s something I should investigate in.

So here I sit, headphones on and listening to some Keb ‘Mo, wondering what will kick start my “New Beginning”. All signs though point to myself, I’m the only one who can cause the change that I want to be. I guess one of the things that kind of kick started this particular blog entry was the trailer from an upcoming documentary film called Playing for Change: Peace through Music. This film has a great concept and includes the kind of passion I feel for music, photography/video and storytelling. After watching the trailer and a clip from two songs featured in the movie, One Love and Stand by Me, I sit here in Wilmington thinking why didn’t I think of this, it now seems so obvious to me. A simple idea with an inspiring message. That’s it. My time will come especially when I’m not so fixated on coming up with a great idea. That’s just how life works based on what I’ve learned.

If you’ve got 15 min. I’d suggest you watch Bill Moyer’s Interview with the director Mark Johnson and see what inspired him to create such a wonderful documentary.


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