Twin Lakes Brewing Company

Cruising along Route 52 in Greenville, DE, just outside of Wilmington, is a 252-acre farmhouse rooted in American history and dotted by twin lakes. The significance of this farm is not just merely the fact that “it’s been kept in it’s original state for over 100 years, or that George Washington once tied his horse to a pear tree on the property” — although, it could be that the watershed has been protected and is perfect for brewing beer. The fresh water, according to their website,”has never been treated and has no additives. We get our water from a deep rock well that has operated on the property for over 200 years. The water is perfectly balanced, PH and alkalinity. Other than filtering, to remove any particulate, the water is not processed at all.”

On a recent visit to Twin Lakes Brewing Company they had the Caesar Rodney Golden Ale, Route 52 Pilsner and Greenville Pale Ale on tap. If you were lucky enough they kindly pulled a tasting from their secondary fermentation vessel with their Vice Presidential Ale. I find that the native west coaster in me does enjoy a heavily hop forward beer and the mid-Atlantic brewer in me is learning to enjoy the malty characteristics. The pale ale was an extremely well balanced beer with the citrus & grapefruit hints typically found in cascade hops, yet they were not overbearing unlike the love of a mother. The golden ale was quite reflective of the style and had a warm and smooth malt flavor merged with a slight hop tang. If a more traditional pilsner is inline with your beer buds then the Route 52 would provide pure drinking enjoyment. As for the vice presidential ale? You need to taste it for yourself; let’s just say that Twin Lakes Brewing Company is awfully proud of Delaware Joe. Given the history of the farm and its location, it would make sense to me that their next creation should be a colonial porter. If just for the fact that the American porter style is rooted in the area and it was one of George Washington’s favorites.

Finding this American Farm Brewery could be a bit tricky, even with the help of a british speaking navigational aide. It’s worthy of the hunt though and once you find it you won’t forget it. The tasting room is located above the brew house and is reminiscent of the old 1960’s art studio that once occupied that very same space. Local art decorates the walls, and a fresh cheese platter accompanies their delicious beers. Comfy couches, backgammon and beer books encourage a visitor to stick around and savor a lazy afternoon of tasting. Bring friends or make new ones, this is the place to do so. There isn’t a guidebook in the world that’ll share this little nugget with you, it is truly off the beaten path and only open two days a week.


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