Today is the Day

In probably one of the first times in my adult life the amount of pride and honor I feel to be an American is today. I given much thought to trying to remember the last time I’ve ever been truly moved by something we as a nation have done. Again, today is the day. I’m not some flag waving nationalist either. This was my sixth election to participate in and I never thought that in my life I’d ever participate in such a historically memorable election. The right to vote as a democracy, is part of what being an American is all about and for the longest time I believed that my vote didn’t really count. Especially the last two elections and the shadiness that surrounded the outcome. I admit it and nor did I think I was alone. To endure the last eight years, with major advances in the reduction of civil liberties, a war that has torn and divided this country into two separatist ideologies, and left it in one of the greatest financial crises of historical proportions, means that we need a new direction. Today is the day that we begin down that path.

Recently, I’ve really begun to reevaluate it means to be to be American. I’ve discussed the lack of voice in our country mostly through the means of art. Where is  the music and visual arts of this generation, who, if not, should be angry? Myself included. Dissonance brings about the revolution of change. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution define the intent of our Founding Fathers, yet the verbose leaves room for interpretation by all. I believe that the ability to speak your mind free from condementation, equality from race, sex and sexuality, and the freedom to dream and create your own destiny without interference are the basis for all things American. I might even treat myself to a hot dog today too.

Many may think that we all “drank the Koolaid,” but in acutality the work has just begun. The integrity of the President is one that I’ve never thought such a politician could possess. Today is the day that the work begins, turning this Nation around into a direction that works for all is a major undertaking. I honestly believe that Change has Come.


Pura Vida.


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