The New Year

My little blogosphere is in need of a little love, with the holidays over I wanted to return to my writing. Well, I happy that 2008 is waning into the distant historical books of my life. It was a very difficult and trying year for us. We are looking forward to all that ’09 may bring and I let out a heavy sigh. Since 2008 was a gut check reality of health, for once in my life I’m going to try and make that a goal for the upcoming year. I need to lower my cholesterol so I don’t have a heart attack in ’09 (300 pts isn’t good) and the damn Oatmeal Coffee Stout I made to replace a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal didn’t help either. I also don’t want to do my part to make Merck any richer than they already are, so I want to find ways to get off this damn pill. One day at a time is what I keep telling myself.  Yeah, we started ’08 off with no health insurance for Sus and a dislocated finger, she had a melanoma, I also had a surface skin tumor removed…hell even the dog has a tumor (non-lethal). One gets the gist.

My goals for 2009: continue to go to the gym, which I can’t believe I do. Really the only time I did run is when I was being chased, and now that I’m older I don’t get chased that much more. So I hit the gym and pretend. My real big goal besides my health is to reduce my environmental footprint on this earth. Since my wife and I are not homeowner’s I can’t do things around the house structurally to make it more friendly. Therefore my goals are to give a weekly pointer for things each of us can do in small footsteps to cause change. More on that to come though.

Recently, my good friend Joker, even long distance, got me hooked on fishing again. I haven’t really fished since the 80’s and maybe a few times in the 90’s. I remember a wonderful trip drifting down the Cowlitz for Steelies though only a few years ago. Out here it’s mostly bass, walleyes, pike and trout. Steelies exist if I want to drive either 4 hours north to upstate NY or 6 hours west to fish the tributaries of lake Erie. I’ve got a basic spin rod combo with my own tackle now. I went out a bunch last weekend, was going to go tomorrow, but it’s supposed to snow and I’m not sure if I man enough for that yet.  There is something meditative about standing along a lake/river bank, trying to read and understand the water, to think about where the fish maybe hiding out. Right now it’s a bit of a guessing game to figure out which tackle to use when and for what conditions, but that’s all part of the fun. Anyway, I find with each cast my mind becomes quiet and still which becomes a true vacation even though home may be only 10 miles away. So I thank him for his expert advice from the series of panic phone calls from Cableas but most of all for helping me to get back into it. Just another thing a man can go broke over.


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