There’s been a new thought bouncing off the inside of my skull for the last day or so. I’m not really sure how viable an idea it is, but I figure if I can just get the idea written, who knows maybe it’ll take on a life of it’s own.

I’ve been considering to build a website that would allow registered users the ability to trade/barter for basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). In fact is an available domain at the time of this writing. The idea would be that people can do posts for things they need, this does not include xboxs or anything like that. More like, I’ve outgrown my jacket and I need one, you have a jacket that’s my size and you don’t need it. Well let’s trade. Not just for clothing either, maybe a fisherman has an overstock of fish in their freezer and a hunter have an overstock of venison, so they decide to trade some meats. Candles for soaps, whatever. Things that you as an individual may have produced and either no longer need or are willing to trade for something you do need.

I understand, that there’s a lot of what if’s with this proposed scenario, they’ll all need to be flushed out if this ever comes to fruition. I just think that we are in a deep recession, possibly sliding into a depression, so whatever we can do to utilize the resources we have around our house or whatever skills we may have that we can trade and barter without the need of money.

In many aspects this ideas using the craigslist model but hones in more specifically with goods and services that relate to the basic needs of survival.

I don’t know, it’s just a thought.


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  1. B, I hope you bought the domain name. Steph’s been talking about the same idea and really wants to get it started. You two should collaborate.

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