First Snowfall of the Season

Our street on the moring of our first snowfall of the season.

Our street on the morning of our first snowfall of the season.

This morning we awoke to a winter wonderland. Winter is here, the days are short and cold, and I find myself slowing down wanting to sleep just a wee bit more each day. The chill in the air does help me wake up every morning though, but it’s not in a loving way. It’s more like getting a pimp slap from Dolomite (R.I.P. Rude Ray Moore) every day. Our bathroom is off the back of the house, I’m not sure that it’s even insulated. Typically the bathroom is maybe, at best, a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Well what’s the first thing one does in the morning, yep, that’s the Dolomite slap.

One funny thing did happen this morning though. Chloe was barking like she needed to go potty, so I got up, went to the back of the house, opened the door and I could hear Chloe trundling down the hallway in a trot. When she got to the back door, it was as if there was an invisible wall up. She just stopped dead in her tracks! Looked up at me, then I could see her nose sniffing the outside. I encouraged her to go outside and when she finally stepped out, she tried to lift her paws so they wouldn’t get snow on them. Once her morning whizz was complete she darted back into the house, and happily allowed me to dry her off with Susy’s towel.


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  1. I contrast that to my view – the gray water of Usless Bay on Whidbey Island (WA) meeting the gray sky of the Pacific Northwest and marvel at nature’s beauty in winter…those favorite ‘colors’ of my architect partner, GRAY, white, and black.

    Brrrrrr. But also, if cozied up inside with a hot toddy, puurrrr-fect!

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