The Detroit 3 Problem

It’s time for our lame duck president, congress and senate to possibly make one last impression on our nation. Hopefully, they’ll can do something for good, instead of just throwing money, our money, at a problem, attach some strings to it. I honestly believe I have a solution for the Detroit 3, in fact, I think it’s pretty simple. I also don’t see it happening, because we as a species like to think things are more complicated than they really are. That’s another post.

The automakers shot themselves in the foot starting at-least 10 years ago. They chose not to invest in alternative fuel sources, or to work to find ways to make the gasoline engine more efficient. Nor did they really try to research into diesel more. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but I do remember hearing them always state that it’s too expensive, and gas is so cheap. So it’s their fault, and let me be specific in who I blame, that’s the CEO, CFO, the board of directors, the upper management folks. So I don’t really have any sympathy for them what so ever and more importantly it’ s more like a childish “I Told You So!” attitude I feel.

European auto manufactures have been working on this very same problem for awhile and they appear to be light years ahead. Yet, our government has made restrictions to not allow the importation of these autos. Take for example the somewhat affordable Mercedes A-Class, 56 mpg, and it has been around since 1997. It looks like a Toyota Matrix/Honda Fit, check it out:


That’s just one example.

So here’s my solution:

1. Fire, with no golden parachutes, all the CEO’s, CFO’s, Board of Directors, Executives across the board. Period. Done. Gone. Pack your shit and get out.
2. If the government gives the billions of dollars to bail them out, then two things need to happen. All new cars coming out of production need to have a minimum of 30 mpg CITY, not highway. And an actual 30 MPG not the inflated under perfect conditions when tested in a lab 30 mpgs. Secondly, the production of any cars that get less than 25 mpg CITY, are discontinued and will not be manufactured in 2009 or ever again, unless they find a way to make them meet the new fuel efficiency/enviornmental standards.

Look, the UAW will still have jobs, people will have a new task to research, if Europe can make cars that are up to twice the efficiency of our cars, then why are we not making them. Gas isn’t going to get any cheaper. Ever.

The fact the the auto executives in Washington DC today are using the UAW as a fear factor, saying look you don’t give us the money these families are going to be out of work and our economy will slip deeper into a recession and or a depression. Is true, but they are not taking any responsibilities for their actions and decisions they made, and it’s their fault that these people will be out of a job. I just bought a car 15 months ago because I needed one. People need cars. Sure they might not be buying the top trim level, but they are still buying cars. So just build one that people can afford to drive. Hello? It’s not that hard. If other’s can do it, Detroit should be able to too.


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