Number 40 & Number 41

The winter is encroaching soon, the leaves are a deep ember color right now and the leaves are falling faster. The drizzly day today hasn’t dampened any spirits in Pennsylvania.  Change is coming. Election day for me is like my Superbowl, I’m that much of a dweeb. I find that I probably should have at-least minored in poly-sci, but maybe that’s a good thing too. I sprang out of bed today like a child on Christmas morning, grabbing my beautiful bride by the ankle saying “It’s time! it’s time! … Let’s go VOTE!” No sooner, had I touched her ankle she awoke from her slumber with an extra bounce as well. We both just grabbed what ever clothes were around us and let me tell ya’ I don’t fit into her pants…at all. Groggy yet excited we loaded Chloe into the car (we wouldn’t want her to miss this experience) and safely left the driveway for with a quick stop for coffee and then off to make History. 


We voted for the left color as voter #40 & #41 at our polling station. We know that it was going to be a huge election year when we got there at 6:55 a.m. and there already was a line out the door. Lucky at that hour the wait was only a half-hour. When we returned we we’re getting reports from friends that the polling station on the university campus was already a 2-hr queue. That was at 10 a.m.!


The rest of the day has been spent just the Mrs. and me, finally having a day to just hang out with no chores. We’ve spent most of the afternoon cooking. There’s tequila honey glazed smoke ribs on the grill, with spicy buffalo chicken breast burgers, grilled parmesan and panko encrusted zucchini garnished with a tomato and rosemary, onion baked potatoes. A home-brew keg of Spaz Oatmeal and Coffee Stout. Neil Young has been playing on repeat for most of the day. While one ear has tuned back and forth between CNN & MSNBC. I love the ability to multi-task, it’s rad.


Well our polls close in less than 2 hours!!!


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