The Pulse of the Blues

As many of you know my two greatest passions are my photography and music, so it seems like a natural direction for me to merge the two. As many of you also know, my head is filled with many ideas that sometimes bear fruit and others never quite come to fruition. One thing I’ve learned about myself and my ways to deal with some attention issues is to just express it, get it out. Sometimes that makes it difficult for those around me because I seem to always have half-cocked ideas and which one is the trigger going to be pulled on. I realize that I need to work on how I express these ideas, even myself knowing that many of them won’t be much of anything just a fun way to entertain an idea. Delivery and timing = maturity. Well with that in mind …. I’ve got an idea. Now, I’ve done some research here in-between jobs and it’s been done before, but I still think it could be a worthwhile project.

The blues are so entrenched in American music, it is the foundation of so many different musical genres, even with the shit that’s out there today jammin’ up priceless airwaves. Since our American culture continues to be divided between the haves and the have-nots, I believe that it’s so much more important. If we listen not just to the rhythms and find the beat but really listen and feel then some of these issues that face us today will disperse. I’m not trying to say that the blues is going to solve our problems, but it may be a catalyst for change. Highway 61 is approximately 700 mile stretch of road between Memphis, TN and New Orleans, LA that is also known as the Blues Highway. It is along this road, somewhere near Clarksdale, MS that the late great Robert Johnson met the devil at a crossroad and sold his soul as long as the devil tuned his guitar and made him the best. What do you know, less than 10 years later, he was a household name and even to this day his legacy lives on. I do wonder who would be standing at the crossroad today, I bet the devil would have stepped aside to let Karl Rove purchase souls, he’s even more evil than the devil, but that’s another post. So here’s what I purpose, a rented Cadillac and an exploration of the Blues Highway, documenting the music, the culture, the food and the pulse of Americana along the delta. Ending up in New Orleans.

I figure the finished piece would result in a print show, a book and a multimedia piece. I figured the entire trip would be about 14 days, with 3-4 days in Memphis and in New Orleans and the rest along the highway meeting people. Right now this is just a thought nestled somewhere between reality and what was I just saying?


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  1. I love the idea. Its been done before I’m sure, but that’s no reason not to do your own. Because only you will experience it the way you can. I may just have to come with you! I say do it!

  2. You, Dave, me, and an Eagle Transport truck? I’m in!

  3. P.s. Lan says that there are now tourist traps at the crossroads. I’m afraid that would just be a little too depressing.

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