A Red Lunch Truck

Prior to my relocation to West Chester, on my commute I passed a bright red lunch truck. Whenever I passed it, of course I wasn’t ready, in the mornings they weren’t open and in the evenings I was too tired to stop. It was always in the back of my mind as a one day, I’m going there for lunch. Today was that day!

The bright red lunch truck, only open Thur-Sat., with it’s yellow banners saying “Glenn’s BBQ & Vicki’s Fried Fish” “Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes” always makes the mouth water. Now, I’m an adventurous individual, but this rolling lunch stand is located on the outskirts of Wilmington, DE and next to the Gander Hill Prison. So the location to some might seem, well … questionable. I don’t care. I’m in search of food. As I pull up with some fellow co-workers who too share in the love of food, the smell of smoking swine waifs into my ol’ factory bulbs causing my mouth to begin watering and the stomach to start mumbling.

We were immediately greeted by Vicki a charismatic woman with great charm, calling me sweetie. I proceeded to order a rib and chicken combo plate—I’m definitely not counting calories or cholesterol today. Vicki said she’d check on the ribs, she wasn’t sure they were ready yet. She came back and told me it was my lucky day, they were ready. Glenn brought me out my stack and told me they had been smoking since 6 a.m. I was soooo ready to dive in. Grabbed my paper towels and sat down at a concrete picnic table and begun. Glenn’s ribs were served wet, the sauce he used didn’t have to much vinegar, like I think they do with Carolina BBQ sauce, nor was it too sweet like a Memphis style sauce. Somewhere in the middle, just like Wilmington. I could tell that he seasoned them, but I wouldn’t call it a dry rub, and when I picked up the first rib, the meat just ’bout fell off the bone. They were cooked to perfection. The chicken too was prepped in some batter that must’ve been Vicki’s own concoction and fried to perfection as well. This was a damn fine lunch, and to all the fellow colleagues who though we were crazy for going to the ‘roach mobile’, you were wrong! You missed out on probably one of the best kept secrets in Wilmington.

If you ever find yourself passing though, find the prison and then let your nose guide you into the delicious smells of Glenn and Vicki.


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