A Disconnect of Living

“It is not death or dying that is tragic, but rather to have existed without fully participating in life — that is the deepest personal tragedy.”
-Edward Abbey, author

It’s astonishing how many American’s I speak to are apathetic to the current political situation we are facing in November. The utter disconnect between what they complain about and the decisions made on Capitol Hill. They don’t see how those decisions are affecting their every day lives. Or maybe they are just that stupid. Let’s face it, that does exist as a possibility. I find that hard to believe for a majority though. This coming fall is a catalyst for the direction our nation is heading. Maybe even for once our melting pot diversity will no longer divide, but rather join us together into a revolution, and hopefully not a revolt. My thoughts on who should be elected are mute at this point. If you know me, you know where I stand. Regardless, the importance of this pending election is so grand I shudder when I think of the unfortunate outcome of another selfish, small penis president with their own agenda living on Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, I don’t know what i’d do…really. It’s not that this system can’t be fixed, we are too entrenched in some ideology of how it should be that we don’t have the foresight to think about our Great Great Great grandchildren. The fact that both sides of the isle squabble over, what I think is really stupid shit, and never actually tackle anything of much importance. It really boils down to a king-of-the-playground mentality. Yet, the collective We continue to put these yahoo’s there. The revolution is now. When I think of the revolution, I’m not thinking about gun yielding, flag waving chaos into what’s wrong or right. The revolution can be something as simple as not only registering but actually using your voice and voting. Pull the lever for whomever you want, just pull it! In fact as much as that is a right we’ve got thanks to our Founding Fathers, it should be one’s duty.

“Shock and awful thing to make somebody think
That they have to choose pushing for peace supporting the troops
And either you’re weak or you’ll use brut force-feed the truth
The truth is we say not as we do”
– Jack Johnson, Sleep Through the Static (song)


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  1. Brooks,

    Couldn’t agree more. Apathy is the great plague of our generation. Without it we might accomplish something. The best thing to do now is follow my dad’s advice and, “be the squeaky wheel.” Keep posting, but make sure you post out loud while shopping, while at school and at work. Be annoying. It gets peoples attention. Good luck to us all.

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