Restored Faith in Human Kindness

This is the key and envelope.

This is the key and envelope.

In today’s day and age with road rage on the rise, hazing being more physical and sexual in nature, and general societal self indulgence that an optimist such as myself finds is becoming more difficult to keep the faith in the kindness of human nature. The apathy for all ideology, and the there might not be an I in team but there sure as hell is a M & E kind of mentality all went by the wayside by a random act of kindness that my wife and I experienced last night.
We were sitting on our new front porch, enjoying a glass of a decent Cab in a great conversation when I inquired if either one of us had checked the mail yet. Neither had. After retrieving the mail and digging through the waste of junk mail, there were two things that stood out. Our first power bill from PECO, and an #10 envelope addressed to the ‘New Tenants” from what looked like the previous tenant. We only knew this because there is some junk mail we receive with their names on it. At this point my wife and I are speculating on what the contents may be. Was it a scathing letter about the landlord? or what? It did feel like there was a key in it, then we figured it was just a key to one of the doors that they forgot to leave with the landlord. Once we opened it, all that was in there was a key and scribbling in pencil that said “Enjoy the Bike!” We looked at each other because there is a nice 18 speed mountain bike locked up along side of the house that we just assumed was our upstairs neighbors bike. Nope. Guess again. It our’s! I guess I will be working off some of the stored beer calories to make way for some of the Oatmeal Coffee Stout that’s going to be brewed the next time around. I’m stoked to be biking my way around town. I’ll make sure to wear a helmet though, college students drive like they are invincible, oh wait, so did I. Bike or Die!!(ding! ding!)


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