The Other Side

It’s been two years, a few beers and a few tears later, but we are finally into our own home again. The place itself is a duplex, row home kinda thing. We now dwell in approximately 375 sq. feet of happiness. Space utilization has now become a bit of a game to us. The dust is settling and we’ll have our first house guest in two weeks so the scramble is on for finding a home for everything. I must say that after 12 moves in 14 years, it’s become more of a science than a nightmare. This last move to West Chester, was pretty much as breezy as it can get. No real hassles and the biggest thing is the purging, which happens every-time we move. There’s something magical about it. I guess all the moving keeps the clutter down. What really amazes me is how quickly I can compile crap and clutter. I guess that too is a magical power I posses. Luckily, I’ve got a wife who helps me keep that in check with her loving and understanding ways.
To describe this new home, well it’s a tiny two bedroom and a very old home, built sometime at the turn of the century. Oh yeah it shows too. For example the kitchen is a galley style kitchen, but instead of being a rectangle, its more square. I can stand in the center and when I outstretch my wingspan I can fingertip touch the walls. It literally is big enough for a sink, half size fridge, and half size stove with enough counter top for the coffee pot and drying dishes. It’s a pint size person kitchen. The master bedroom is 10′ x 9′ so by the time a queen bed occupies it’s real estate, that gives the rest of us enough room to walk around it. Oohh, space saving tip: store more crap under the bed, hah! Mom will never know, it’ll still look pretty. The office suprisingly is the smallest room, besides the kitchen, and we were able to fit two desks in there and our big bookcase, and it looks good. Even have room for the Linkel, our inflatable bed, anyone down for a visit, we’ve got a quaint little town and some nice digs, so come visit.
Pictures to be posted once the ‘stuff’ has found it’s new home. Check back later.


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