My Mind – Off the Grid

The smell of the salt in the water or the crisp clean mountain air, the feel of the water’s edge smooshin’ between your toes, a barrage of natural sounds violating your every thought and a visual of a barren wasteland. The future may look bleak, and at a tipping point of no return. Or at-least to the way of the so called good ol’ days. It may not be reversed but the outcome can be changed. Yes, we should be doing more individually, and I too can do more to reduce and reuse. There are also some options that should be done to expedite the process. Since, the collective we are one of the worst and also looked upon as the global leaders then ‘we’ need to do something otherwise others won’t do anything about the global shift in going green. As a leading nation it is our obligation of good for the world.

I was going to get a bit preachy here, but then again, I’m sure I don’t have any Red readers, so my fuzzy liberal thinking will just be spent on a few Amens. In some aspects, I bet living an Amish life would be the picture perfect extreme of green living. I love my technology, and especially my cameras, therefore I would like to find some balance between living an Amish lifestyle and living in the digital age. Hell, maybe I’m even wrong about them. What if they were huge polluters, that’d be funny.

Along, this vain I have a fantasy, it might not be realistic for me, but I do often think of it. So again, it’d be to find some balance. Damn I love Reggae music (sorry, that’s the ADD, i’m jammin’ out to Lucanio right now, and he’s groovy). Anyway, where was I…that’s right. I wanna live off the fat of the land George! Grow my own personal food, my own hops for beer, live off the grid, sustainability through solar, cistern/well, septic, make my own biofuel for my non-owned diesel car. I know it’s hard, time consuming, work and because of that I’d have to quit my 9-5, run from Sallie Mae, so I’d have to live cheap. I envision living in a yurt, because who can have a huge mortgage to pay and then live as self-sustained as possible. I’d make my own wine/beer, quite possibly even ferment and distill some moonshine. Wait, I’ve got to many teeth for that. Nevermind.

Of course I understand that what I’m suggesting is a full time job, so I need some land to cultivate, and money for solar power panels, etc. is expensive. Plus, there’s not much land left that I can get squatters rights to, so I find myself in a bit of a pickle. So here I sit, sucking energy, just writing this. Now that’s ironic and funny.


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  1. I love this post. I really liked the phrase about living in a Yurt. My wife makes fun of me because I actually get online to check out different Yurt models and prices.

    “Adam” she says, “We live in Washington D.C., we both have professional jobs, give up the Yurt thoughts till we retire!”

    But I don’t know if I want to wait anouther 25 years.

    Nice post. Which will lead me to looking around a bit.



  2. Duuuuude. Amen. Lawnboy and I are seriously looking for property now so we can do just this. I think our generation has had it – maybe we were all spoiled too much in the ’80’s? Maybe all that spoiling taught us that Things just don’t matter that much? I don’t know what it is, but i know that a lot of us are feeling this.


  3. P.s. Commune? I’m up for it all, minus the free love stuff. It’s much easier to live this way as a group. I’ve got Mr. Sorem on the waiting list, as well as a couple other friends. Let’s do it!

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