Mouse in the House

Last night was a quiet night around the house. Susy and I both had a long day and a delicious meal, we were in the midst of one of our favorite shows on the tube, and it was at the climatic ending, then out of the corner or our eyes and at the same time, we saw something. There was something strafing on the stone work of the fireplace, were weren’t sure what it was since we had the lights down low, so we blast all the lights we’ve got and it turns out to be a furry little mouse. A cute little grey mouse, their nose moving left and right sniffing their way around. In the meantime Susy exclaims “Oh my God! I’m freaked out!” I quickly grab a pizza paddle that we’ve got next to the fireplace. In my mind, I don’t want this creature to get onto the paddle since we use it to cook. In all this melee Susy thinks I’m going to smash the little thing with our pizza paddle. In the meantime she runs into the kitchenette and grabs a water cup and says “here…trap it” I stand there oafishly dumbfounded processing my plan of attack with this water cup as the mouse dashes into the fireplace and disappears behind the faux logs, he’s gone. I contemplated firing up the fireplace, but then I thought that’d be too cruel, let the thing live, so we set a trap. I also suggested we get a cat, but because Susy has feline allergies, that’s got ruled out quickly. As we lay in bed, I did get some mileage out of it though by saying stuff like, “is that the mouse? Do you see that?” of course she just nestled closer to me. It was sweet. Thanks mouse.


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