Some of My Life’s Lessons

Since I just celebrated a birthday and am now welcoming the mid-30 somethings, I’ve spent some time reflecting on life lessons and what i’ve learned along the way. The list is not in any hierarchy of importance, only numbered to reflect the years I’ve spent on this planet.

1. I know how much I can drink, yet I have the wisdom to not always prove it.
2. Education is critical to keep our society from derailing into intolerance & mayhem, and it should be equal and free to all.
3. Marriage can be wonderfully challenging, but sharing your life with the person of your dreams is magical.
4. Its perfectly OK to draw outside the lines, in fact encourage it!
5. Credit Cards are actually due when they say they are. My bad.
6. It’s impossible to domesticate a wild bird by pouring salt on their tail.
7. There isn’t a grease pole tall enough that I can’t shimmy up.
8. Rubbing the embryonic sack off of a puppy, whose just minutes old because of a c-section, while shaking it in an up/down motion to clear the lungs and watch them come to life, is worth getting up at 4 am for, its amazing.
9. Playing in the woods, is so much cooler than the Wii.
10. Being thrown into the deep end of a pool doesn’t teach anyone how to swim.
11. DVD players in cars?? Just look out the window, it’s better.
12. Causing a scene can be fun.
13. When experiencing vertigo, just spit, and let gravity tell you which way is down.
14. Learn to drive a stick shift, you never know when it’ll come in handy.
15. Bowling, that’s the only time to drink Bud.
16. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, doesn’t mean you should step on people.
17. Traveling makes you humble, so don’t be a tourist.
18. Religion is personal, when you die, it’s between you and your beliefs.
19. Listen to music everyday & learn to appreciate all genres.
20. 98% of the time, it’s not the computer, it’s the user
21. Follow your passion, believe in it, and work to achieve it
22. Ties are for job interviews, weddings and funerals.
23. Go barefoot whenever possible
24. Sushi & Tequila don’t mix
25. Respect the Ocean
26. Dutch oven’s are best with either hummus or eggs.
27. Paying attention to politics & our government is important
28. Being naked isn’t shameful
29. The grass most likely isn’t greener on the other side, that’s just an oasis
30. A good way to introduce someone to camping, is on a tropical beach.
31. When TP’ing a house, pay attention to the weather
32. Quitting smoking is probably the hardest thing to do
33. When on a hike and someone says, “It’s just around the next corner” … that’s bullshit.
34. Traveling around & experiencing your own country is just as powerful as anything overseas.



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